Energy storage for the energy transition.
Comprehensive. Stable. Economical.


Energy storage for the energy transition.

The growth in renewable energies is increasing the demand for thermal energy storage. Heat accumulators are important components for bringing together the electricity, heat, transport and industry sectors. They create flexible solutions, make it possible to adapt to a volatile energy supply and deliver the power needed on the spot. They are multifunctional tools that make for a green, stable and cost-efficient energy system.



regryd is providing support in this transition towards alternative energy;

it is generating solutions to change the way we think about decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation, and is helping to promote a successful transformation of the energy system.


A Day


A Year

availability of energy

The regryd heat storage

regryd is a modular high-temperature solid-state heat accumulator. A natural stone filling used as a storage medium allows for an almost unlimited service life. Low heat losses guarantee high storage efficiency. regryd can be easily set up in combination with wind and solar power or industrial waste heat.


  1. It is a systemic storage solution that continuously provides stored energy to ensure highly reliable and consistent supply.
  2. regryd also works as a short-term storage unit to balance the solar day-night cycle and as a seasonal long-term thermal energy storage unit to balance the annual cycle. For this, the heat regryd stores is provided as thermal and process heat, or it can be used to generate electricity and cooling.
  3. The storage temperature of approx. 1,000  °C results in a high storage capacity, so that regryd can be built in a way that saves volume and space and is thus cost-effective.

Key figures at a glance


Maximum storable temperature

≥ 90 %


450 - 560 kWh/m³

Storage capacity

≤ 15 W/m²

Heat loss

Industries and areas of application


Chemical industry

Energy storage systems like regryd facilitate efficiency gains in production processes and the systematic utilisation of waste heat in downstream processes, either as district heating in local communities or for other material uses.


Metal processing industry

By introducing innovative storage technologies like regryd, the metal processing industry can cut its CO₂ emissions while also storing and reconverting unavoidable waste heat. 


Power supply companies 

Depending on its scale, regryd can avoid CO₂ emissions and create flexibility in the energy system – thereby laying the foundations for supply security and greater energy independence.


Contracting companies

regryd enables contracting companies that specialise in providing heat and electricity to expand their portfolio and generate new energy services.


Municipal waste disposal companies

regryd is a crucial step on the road towards climate-neutral municipalities. With regryd, unavoidable waste heat can be channelled into the storage system and then made available when needed.

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