Chief Executive Officer

Jörn Jacobs

As CEO, he builds on extensive experience gained in the construction of environmental, energy and factory systems. At regryd, he is bringing an innovative energy storage solution to the market through a spin-off from IPROconsult GmbH.

joern.jacobs (at)
Business Development Managerin

Dr. Kerstin Hartsch

She has already realised numerous development projects in her role as a business development manager – from projects in the water sector to preventing erosion in Morocco and providing hydrogeological support in a motorway.

kerstin.hartsch (at)
Development Engineer

Andreas Prautsch

The design engineer oversees technical implementation of the energy storage system. His engineering experience includes developing a prototype bypass system for extracting heavy minerals from quartz sand.

andreas.prautsch (at)
Energy Engineer

Reza Dashti

Responsible for modeling, simulation and detail engineering, mechanical and energy engineer Reza Dashti brings international expertise to the team. In the area of "Research and Development", he has already realized solid mechanics and CFD simulation projects for vehicle construction.

reza.dashti (at)
Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Wauer

As CFO, Thomas Wauer is responsible for controlling and contractual affairs. With a degree in business administration, he never loses track of figures and costs in complex project environments.

thomas.wauer (at)