Power supply companies


Depending on its scale, regryd can avoid CO₂ emissions and create flexibility in the energy system – thereby laying the foundations for supply security and greater energy independence.

Power supply companies

Power supply companies supply electrical energy, gas and district heating to their customers. They are part of the basic utility system in Germany and are obligated to supply energy in accordance with the Energy Industry Act (EnWG).

Conventional power plant operators can use energy storage systems to obtain public funding to help them achieve their CO₂ reduction targets. Depending on its scale, the regryd storage system can help to avoid CO₂ emissions. regryd systems tap into previously untapped potential to ensure supply security and provide energy independence.

They creates flexibility within the energy system. Integrating regryd storage systems into an energy system with renewable and conventional energy sources (cogeneration) decouples electricity and heat production, minimising losses of heat not required at that time. Instead, excess heat is stored in regryd energy storage systems and discharged when needed.

Application scenario + Dimension

regryd can be placed above or below ground as a systemic storage solution and is scalable for all application scenarios. Our environmental and energy experts will work with you to plan and calculate the solution that is right for your application.

[1] Power supply companies

City with 240,000 inhabitants, single and multi-family houses, industry and commerce 

Dimension regryd
—      Diameter / height: 25 m 
—   Volume: 12,300 m³ 
—   Storage capacity: 5,000 MWh (Charging with electrical energy, e.g. from wind / PV, storage temperature 850 °C)

The city can be heated for 43 days with an amount of 4 x 5,000 MWh of heat.

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