Chemical industry


Energy storage systems like regryd facilitate efficiency gains in production processes and the systematic utilisation of waste heat in downstream processes, either as district heating in local communities or for other material uses.

Chemical industry

The chemical industry is characterised by its varied product range and is an integral component of many supply chains. Supply relationships mean that it is tightly intertwined with the manufacturing industry and linked to all other sectors.

A unique characteristic of the chemical industry is its high level of vertical integration. Chemical products pass through numerous processing steps before being used in other sectors or by end customers. There are more than 2,000 chemical companies in Germany. Only a small minority are listed and the majority are medium-sized enterprises.

Many production processes are very energy intensive and require high volumes of heat and electricity. In 2019, the chemical industry consumed 1,272,964 TJ (terajoules) to produce its goods – the most primary energy of any sector in Germany – in the form of electricity, heat energy and fossil fuels.

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